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At F1DS (Formula one Driving School) we believe in using average cars, with reasonable prices and superior instructors, to produce skilled drivers who can compentently and safely navigate the roadways.   Teaching defensive driving, safety, at an affordable price is our commitment to you.
Formula One Driving School: Roadway Safety
We believe that a good driver, know how to be a safe driver and that begins with Road Awareness.  From preparing the drivers to be aware of roadway movement, to possible unexpected events, we train drivers to be prepared for those unexpected events: deer leaping onto the roadway, semi-truck movement, bolting children or bicyclists, sharing the roadway with oversized vehicles, rain hydroplaining, navigating mountainess snow & icy conditions,...more.  There a hundreds of unexpected events that a driver must face.  Our patient instructors build confidence in users while promoting roadway awareness and safety.
Formula One Driving School: Affordably and Effective
How can F1DS beat competitors' prices?  Simple.  Instead of using large horsepowered expensive cars, we use cars that have high ratings for safety and reliability. Our late model cars reflect what typical drivers use.  Our car fleet, and quality instructors with proven track records of drivers demonstrating safety at the wheel under our tutelage, has resulted in lower operating costs.  This means where we save, you save.    
Services We Provide:
  • Student Pick Up
  • Behind the Wheel Training (Roadway Driver's Education)
  • Freeway/Interstate Driving
  • Rural & Urban Roadway Driving
  • Day Driving
  • Roadway Awareness/Defensive Driving
More Value for the Dollar
At F1DS we know the importance of drivers gaining experience with understanding instructors.  Our lower rates mean that parents can afford to give their child more hours behind the wheel without worrying about quality or their child's safety. 
The founder of F1DS is a parent, has taught his own family members to drive, and knows all to well how difficult it can be to instruct your own relative how to drive.
Let us take out the stress of teaching your child how to safely navigate the road, and all with a smile.  We guarantee that your child will have a safe, enjoyable experience.
For more information on rates, schedules, availability, or creating personalized lessons for those under and over 18, contact us at:
Formula One Driving School
Office: 707.455.7087
421 Boyd Street, Suite 8
Vacaville, CA  95688
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